Community Partners

FC IL is a community-based program, made possible by the joint efforts of many partners. Each community delivering the Family Connects service has its own local leadership team. These teams include representatives from healthcare providers, schools, churches, human service agencies, childcare organizations, and other community-based partners.

Successful development of a Family Connects program depends on it being co-created and co-owned by the existing local networks of support and care for all families. It requires lead agencies and community partners to take the time to have a thoughtful discussion and reflection process about the pathway to achieve the intended outcomes of the program model. Completing the Community Readiness Assessment sets communities up for success by illuminating strengths and potential barriers in their local contexts to successfully implement a program.

Learn more about the Community Readiness Assessment and next steps for establishing a Family Connects program in your community.

To discuss and begin the Community Readiness Assessment, contact:

Our Statewide Partners Include:

  • ISBE Logo
  • Start Early logo

Our County-Specific Partners Include:

  • Children's Home Association of Illinois